About Bushman Biltong

Bushman Biltong was set up by me, Dave Cunningham, and started trading in August 2008.

After more than a year of research into biltong production, basic meat science, food safety laws and planning regulations I eventually found the right premises in Rotterdam Waalhaven - a new industrial unit on an eclectic little industrial estate in the middle of Rotterdam harbour.
This has been totally refitted to HACCP standards and now houses a large imported biltong dryer, packaging apparatus and various meat processing equipment.

Why Biltong?
I started making biltong for myself years before I started the company. After a while I was making for friends and the local cricket club. At the time I was looking for a new challenge, so I decided to set up both Bushman Biltong and the related company sausages.nl. Since then the biltong business has gone from strength to strength, and Bushman Biltong is going out to shops and individuals all over the Netherlands.

Why Bushman?
My partner and I spent various holidays travelling round Southern Africa in a 4x4 with a tent and saw some truly breathtaking places.
The one place that truly stole our heart was the Nyae Nyae conservancy in Eastern Namibia, also referred to as “Bushmanland”. Our dream is to be able to use a part of any profits we make to improve the quality of life for the people that live there. As soon as we’re in a position to do that we’ll let you know. 

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